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Chat Rules

Post by THEM4VR1CKM00SE on Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:28 pm

The chatbox is a friendly area of the site where members can talk to each other. You can ask to play games or negotiate deals for different players with them.

Chat Rules

- Dont abuse any member in the chat, if you do you will be banned for 2 hours!

-Swearing in the chat is not aloud, If caught swearing by a mod or admin you will be banned for 30 Minutes!

-Advertising other fifa sites on chat or forum is banned and if done you will be permantly banned from the site.

-If you have a problem with another member, contact a chat mod or admin and they will sort it out, dont carry on the situation in the chat! If carried on you will be banned from chat until the isuue is sort out!

-Dont critise anyone on this site, everybody is trying to make it better for everyone!

-If you constantly abuse and swear in the chat, you will have a lifetime ban!

-Dont get involved in other members arguements as you could face a punishment aswell.


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