Zenit Manager MarkPaterson Talks To Sky Sports

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Zenit Manager MarkPaterson Talks To Sky Sports

Post by MarkPaterson on Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:00 am

Zenit manager MarkPaterson sat down with Sky Sports today to speak about his first season in charge of Russian Giants Zenit ST Petersburg, the re-construction of the Fifa World Leagues and how this is going to affect the game in the long run. He also speaks about Zenit joining later and playing catch up and how they are at a disadvantage.

So Mark, you have played 9 games this season and have only managed to win 1 game draw 2 and lose 6 out of them. What do you think is the problem?

I see the problem lying within the defence although we have strong fullbacks in Anyukov and Cristico. Both centre halfs are relatively slow and thats where teams seem to hurt us the most. I have chopped and changed the formation a few times but haven't altered team selection in anyway as players are able to play more than 1 position.

You have signed 3 players this transfer window with Iker Muniain coming from Athletic Bilbao, Jadson from Sao Paulo and Ivan Cordoba from Inter Milan. Do You believe they will help improve the team and give the team a bit of a push?
Yes I believe these players I have brought in will help boost the team but not for this season. This season is a feel and building process. Iker and Jadson I had a clsoe eye on. Iker was a fantastic player for Bilbao and I really needed another winger in and he fitted the bill. Jadson was the same I seen him playign for Shakthar but I was unable to sign him in Western Europe due to work permits but I was able to sign him once he moved away to Brazil. As far as Ivan goes he is the key to my defence. He has the experience any 34 year old brings and with his tactical know how and pace he will be able to help out the younger players at the back.

You have scored 7 points out of a possible 27. Do you feel any pressure on yourself as well as the players?
In any big job there will be pressure for you to do well but when you are in a league with very little resources and having joining the league very late on when deals with other teams have been struck you are in a tight spot. The FWL rules say you cannot sign a player bought from another club for 1 season. This is a fair rule but if this was the case the FWL shouldn't have entered Zenit into the Premiership and maybe shoudl have kept them for next season when new teams will be starting a new league. Unfortunately I have took the job at the worst time but I relish a challenge.

Final question. Where do you look to finish this season and how well do you think you will do in the cup?
In the league I hope to finish around 10th spot. There is games that have been very frustrating when we have battered teams and never got a point or all 3 but that as football. As far as the Cup goes I will be happy if we reach the Quarter Finals

The Zenit boss has high hopes for his team but he is keeping his feet on the ground till next season. Will Zenit live up to the heights or will they be shot down in flames? Only time will tell


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Re: Zenit Manager MarkPaterson Talks To Sky Sports

Post by GovernedSpy on Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:59 am

nice one mate Smile


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