Transfer Rules

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Transfer Rules

Post by chrisidas on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:53 pm

Transfer Window
Each transfer window will last for one week between seasons.

Transfers are done between 2 clubs. Both cash and trade offers are allowed.

Players can only move once each window.

Making Transfers
Transfer requests are to be posted in "Transfer Offers", both clubs must then agree. You may not edit a post in this thread, if you make a mistake when posting the deal, you must delete the thread and post it again. This is to avoid people changing transfer deals once they have been accepted by the other manager.

The format to be used for transfer is Player for Player, £ for Player, Player + £ for Player etc. The club the player is being transfered from and to must also be added. The deal must be posted in both the topic title and message section.

Accepted Transfers
Accepted transfers will be posted in "Completed Transfers" and the team sheets will be updated.

Please note, only offers seen as fair will be accepted, so no ridiculous transfers!

Auctions & Externals
Auctions will be 84+ Plus players that aren't managed by a club. You can start bidding wars with opponents on the site! Externals are also players from club that aren't managed. These are 83 or below and the prices will be on the externals thread.

Squad Sizes
Squads can be as large as you like, but must have a minimum of 21 players.

You will be allowed to have less than 21 players during pre season, if you have less than 21 players before the season starts, you will be docked 10 points.


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