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Playing Matches

Post by chrisidas on Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:21 am

Teams will play each team in their league twice. This will be starting out at 18 games a season, when we get enough memeber, be will be merging League One and Two and the games will rise to 38 games a season.

Finding & Inviting Your Oponent
Find your fixture list in the fixture section of the forum.

The Home team must always host the game, so they have to be the ones to send the invite.

Matches are to be played on 6minutes a half with normal game speed. You should have 7 subsitutes.

League games should be played using the online friendly game mode to avoid it going to extra time.

Cup games must have extra time and penalties if needed. To do this you will need to use an online lobby. If your oponent doesn't click on extra time & penalties, get photographic proof and contract an admin or modorator. You will then be credited with the win. Withou evidence you will be forced to replay the match.

Quitting Early
You must play the full 90 minutes. You will be allowed a 5 minute window at the start of the match where you can quit. You may end the game in this window if; the oposition plays and illegal player, or the game is unplayable due to lag (If the oposition has scored within this time, you may not quit due to lag, you can only quit due to them fielding an illegal player). These are the only two reasons for quitting in the 1st 5 minutes. If you quit for any other reason your opponent will be given a 3-0 win and you will be deducted 5 points. If you rage quit at any other point in the match, your opponent will be rewarded a 3-0 win and you will be deducted 5 points.

Losing Connection
If you lose internet connection, get signed out of Xbox Live or the EA servers, then you must resume your match with the current score, and only play the time that was left on the clock (e.g. if you get disconnected at 70 minutes and the score is 2-1, you must play again up to 20 minutes and add the scores together.

Custom Formations
Custom formations are not allowed, if you are found to be using one, you will be deducted 5 points.

If you find your oponent to be using a custom formation, take a picture and send to a moderator or admin. We cannot penalise anyone without evidence.

Good Sportsmanship
The aim of the site is to provide a fun interactive place for the users to play FIFA. Don't take it too seriously. You may not score a goal then just pass around the defence, at any time in the match (even the 90th minute). This means you should always try to attack. If you are found to be passing it around your defence you will be deducted 5 points.

Again, we cannot penalise anyone without evidence, so if your oponent is doing this, please try to get video evidence, and contact a moderator or admin.

Posting Results
Once the match has finished, the winner needs to post the result.

The result is to be posted in the "official results" section. Each result must be posted as a seperate thread, and the oponent must confirm the result.

The score, goalscorers and bookings must all be posted.


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